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Haj and Prophet’s Command

As the great Khwaja became accomplished and perfect in every respect the divine tutor honoured him with his robe and took him to Haj. Both, then proceeded to Makkah and performed the Haj and then went to Madina and stayed there for some time to get the blessings of the prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.)

One nigj in a trance, he was ordered by the Holy prophet (S.A.W.)

“O Moinuddin you are a prop of our faith. Proceed to India and show the path of truth to the people there”. In compliance with the above spiritual command. Khwaja Saheb left Madina for India. He continued his journey, passing through Isphahan, Bukhara Herat, Lahore and Delhi meeting several prominent Sufis of the period. He arrived at the barren and desolated land of Rajputana which is now know as Rajasthan. On his way to INDIA, he enrolled large number of people in his fold and blessed thousansds of others with spiritual power.