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Hz. Pir Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty

It is a well known historical fact that in spreading the ethical and spiritual values of Islam, major and effective contributions have been made by the Walis (Saints) of Allah. It was their humanistic disposition, and piety which won over the hearts of lacs of people.

They made a direct contact with the masses, served and loved them, lived with them in the realisation of Eternal Truth. The prof of this is more than evdent from the history of  growth of Islam in India. Although Islam had penerated in this subcontinent in the first centurey of Hijra, but the noble task of inspiring the people to its tenets and values in India was accomplished by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) populary known as khwaja saheb and Khwaja Gharib Nawaza (R.A.). He did it all through his great moral power, glorious and appealing character, with love and dedication to mankind, without any worldly resources of wealth, power, force and material means.

Khwaja Saheb was a scholar of great repute. He interpreted the true Islamic message of love for manking and through that the love fort he Almighty Allah. He preached the Quranic philosophy of the unity of religion and worked out its potentialities fort he whole humanity. He was the greatest mystic of his time. He laid the foundation of the liberal Chishtia order of sufis in India, and inspired millions of souls to be his followers and thus served the masses of the Indian Sub-continent.