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As I kept roaming and marvelling here

As I kept roaming and marvelling here,
A stunning secret came to me, brother;
View the same secret in your own being:
The Friend is in me, I can see, brother.

I looked deep into my soul and I saw
What is truly mine and what is in me,
What is the spirit inside this body–
I learned my true identity, brother.

I desire him, yet I cannot find Him.
Who am I–I wonder if He is me.
I can’t see Him outside my entity;
I merged into his unity, brother.

Why do countless roads stretch ahead of me
To lead me astray in uncertainty?
I have made the loveliest arrival
For I took this hallowed journey, brother.

The man who is faithless cannot feel it:
Out of the body slithers the spirit.
I am the nightingale in love’s garden,
From there I came to this city, brother.

Since the start of time I have been Mansur,
That is why I have come to exist here.
Burn me, cast my ashes into the air:
I have become Allah Almighty, brother.

I was poor, now mine is Benevolence;
Mine is the universe, all existence,
Heaven and earth, from sunrise to sunset;
I have filled the earth and sky, brother.

Now I have found my own true self in me.
It has happened–I saw Allah Almighty.
I had qualms about what might happen then;
Now there is no fear left in me, brother.