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I have these eyes of mine to see your face

I have these eyes of mine to see your face;
I only have hands to seek your embrace.
Today I shall set my soul on the road
So that tomorrow I can reach your place.

Let me set my soul on the road today,
Grant me tomorrow whatever its worth.
Do not offer your paradise to me,
I have no wish to fly to Paradise.

Who needs it, what use is Heaven to me?
My heart’s eye would not even glance at it.
All this sorrowful clamoring of mine
Is not for a garden up in the skies.

You keep trying to use it to entice
The faithful, but what you call Paradise
Cannot boast of more than a few houris
And I don’t hanker after their caress.

Offer it to those who go by the creed;
You’re the one I crave, you’re the one I need.
My leaving you would be a shameful deed
For the sake of a mansion and trellis.