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Dear Friend, let me plunge in the sea of love

Dear Friend, let me plunge in the sea of love,
Let me sink into that sea and walk on.
Let both worlds become my sphere where I can
Delight in the mystic glee and walk on.

Let me become the nightingale that sings
A soul freed from the dead body’s yearnings;
Let me bury my head in my two Hands,
Take the path to unity and walk on.

Thank heaven, I saw the Friend’s lovely face
And drank the wine of the lovers embrace.
It severs me from you-it’s a disgrace
I’ll abandon this city and walk on.

Yunus drifts in the throes of love’s torture:
Of all woes, his is the worst to endure.
For my distress only you hold the cure,
I’ll ash for that remedy and walk on.