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If I rub my face on the ground

If I rub my face on the ground,
My new moon would rise in the skies,
Winter and summer become spring.
To me all days are holidays.

Let no cloud cast a tall shadow
On the gleaming light of my moon
Whose fullness must never grow dim:
From earth to sky its glimmer sprays.

From the heart’s solitary cell
Its glitter drives out the darkness.
How could that gloom be squeezed into
The same cell with the piercing rays?

I see my moon right here on earth,
What would I do with all the skies?
Rains of mercy pour down on me
From this ground where I fix my gaze.

What if Yunus is a lover
Many are the lovers of Allah.
Yunus, too, bows his head, because
The lovers of Allah are ablaze.