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In case my Friend does not return to me

In case my Friend does not return to me,
The let me return to the Friend’s embrace;
I’m willing to suffer pain and torture
If that is how I can see the Friend’s face.

A handful of dust was my stock in trade,
And love took even that away from me:
Now I have no capital left nor shop.
What use is going to the market place?

The Friend has His nice shop, neatly set up;
Cheerfully He walks around in that shop.
But my heart cringes, my sins are countless;
Humbly I must go implore the Friend’s grace.

My heart declares: ‘The Friend belongs to me.”
My eye declares: The Friend belongs to me.”
My heart urges my eye to have patience,
Yearning to receive news, to keep pace.

We must accept those who have looked at
Allah As sharing Allah’s life, as one and the same.
If a person has received the blessing
Of Allah’s vision, he is beyond disgrace.