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The best eloquence is to maintain taciturnity

The best eloquence is to maintain taciturnity;
The cause of the rust over the hearts is garrulity.

If you mean to wipe off all the rust that covers the hearts,
Be sure to utter this word which is life’s true summary:

The man who doesn’t see the nations of the world as one
Is a rebel even if the pious claim he’s holy.

Listen to my comment on the structures of the canon:
Orthodox faith is a ship, its sea is Reality.

No matter how impregnable are the planks of the ship,
They are bound to crack and shatter when waves rage in that sea.

Listen, my beloved one, let me give you a fact beyond this:
The rebel against Truth is the saint of orthodoxy.

We yearn for knowledge and science, we read the book of love,
Allah is our professor and love is our academy.