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7. Nafsi Safiyya -The Complete Self

“Allah will bring those whom He loves and who love Him; they will be humble towards the faithful and stern toward the deniers. They shall strive in the way of Allah and will not fear any blame from the blamers. This is the favor of Allah that He grants whomever He wishes among His servants. Allah is All-Encompassing and All-Knowing.” (Qur’an, Al Maa’ida 5:54)

“Then follow me and Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Allah is the Forgiving and Merciful.” (Qur’an, Ali Imran 3:31)

This is the station of the completeness of servanthood to Allah through the completeness of following the teachings of His beloved, Hz. Muhammad (saws), peace be upon him. The one who reaches this station is blessed with knowing the complete love of Allah for him and for His Prophet (saws).

This is the Station of Beauty (Maqam Al Ihsan) and it is above all the stations of faith that preceded it. In this station, the servant has completely attained the level of “…the most beautiful station.” And so, enters into the light of His beloved, the Chosen, in the station of “Two bow’s lengths or nearer” in the footsteps of the beloved, Hz. Muhammad (saws), peace be upon him.

It is the final level in the stations of the self. This station has no end to its ascension and refinement. The people of this station have nothing in their hearts but the love of Allah and His Messenger and those who are loved by Allah and by His Messenger. At this level the Completed Self becomes the mirror of the light of the essential Prophetic Muhammadan self so that it attains the complete attributes of love and servant hood.

In this station the self enjoys the lights of manifestation of the Attributes and Essence of Allah (Tajaliyat Al Siffat wa Al Zhat Al Illahiyyah) so that it fluctuates in the lights of bliss in all its stations and states. It is an angelic self of light inside human bodies. The truth is that it is selfless; it has no choice and if given a choice it would chose only what Allah loves and is pleased with. If it is asked whether it is receiving or deprived it would not know because love has overpowered it and so it is totally unoccupied with causes. It is annihilated through love (Hubb), fascination (Walah), and divine love (ashk) into the light of the beauty of the essence of the Lord of causes who is its Beloved and Protector. The people of this station are the people of Divine Love and Passion. They are the people who follow the true footsteps of Hz. Muhammad (saws).

They are busy with their love and worship of the Truth and are not distracted by creation except to fulfill their obligations. And since they have become a mirror of the Muhammadan noor (divine light), they are constantly in the Prophetic Presence.

They are leaders of religious knowledge and they are lights of gnosis (marifat) in Truth. Through the lights of their hearts, the hearts of those around them are illuminated, and through their remembrance, mercy descends.

They have all that they desire and they only desire love of Allah and His Messenger. They do not seek this world, nor are they occupied by the next world. All their concern is intimacy with Allah, to hear from Him, to be near Him for they regard even a moment of separation as torment greater than Hell.

“Truly, the ones conscious of Allah are in gardens and rivers, in a place of truth in the presence of an Able Sovereign” (Qur’an, Qamar 54: 55)

In the middle of everything, having found the center, the soul finds its proper place. It is a point, without length or width, not covering any area or space. Thus it is pure. There is no wish, no claim. It is the beginning and the end.

When the being who possesses this pure soul moves, his movement is beneficent power; when he talks, it is wisdom, and music to the ears; when he appears it is beauty and joy to the beholder. His whole being is worship; every cell in his body is in continuous praise of his Lord.