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The Dervish (Murid)

The Dervish (Murid)

The person who wishes to walk the path of sufism (tasawwuf), who wishes to be a murid (student) in a tariqah is called a taleeb (seeker). He or she begins to seek a murshid (spiritual teacher).

If the seeker finds the murshid he/she has been looking for, he/she makes a biath (a pledge of commitment) with the murshid. This is a pledge of commitment based on the free will and choice of both the murid and the murshid. In this relationship of commitment, both the murshid and the murid have their respective duties and responsibilities.

When a seeker asks to make a biath with a murshid, the murshid does not accept him/her as a murid right away. He first tests the seeker in order to see his/her commitment, abilities and qualities. After the seeker passes through these successfully, he becomes a murid and begins to carry out his duties to the best of his/her abilities.