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The Journey (Seyr-u Suluk)

The Journey (Seyr-u Suluk)

Sufism (tasawwuf) is an education for integrity towards maturity. This education is called ‘Seyr-u Suluk’, ‘seyr’ meaning ‘journey’ and ‘suluk’ meaning ‘travelling’.  In this journey, the traveller walks from ignorance to knowledge, from evil traits to goodness and integrity, from his own being to Allah.

The Sufi process essentially exists on the basis of the murshid-dervish, mentor-student relationship, and typically this relationship is supported and enhanced within a “spiritual family”, a tariqah of seekers. The journey begins with the ‘biath’: The initiation of commitment for the dervish and the sheikh to each other. Through all the ups and the downs and the turns and the tribulations of the journey, the dervish is guided by his murshid (spiritual teacher), committed to pass through the ascending spiritual stages leading to maturity.

Seyr-u Suluk collects the scattered attention and strengthens the will. Through this journey, with perseverance, the nafs (the false self) gradually becomes cleared and purified. Day by day, the nafs comes to behave like a well-trained horse, conforming to its rider in all kinds of circumstances through the journey.