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The Dhikr of Allah

Recite the name of Allah at all times. Extend His dhikr into your words, into your actions, into your heart.

The reciter has to approach dhikr with the utmost reverence, so that his will and his purpose are an expression of this grace. With dhikr, his intelligence for perceiving the signals of spirit becomes cultivated. His intention and his will get fortified. Eventually, he does not wish to recite the name of anyone other than Him. He does not ask for anything from Him other than being in His dhikr; because the attainment of everything is possible only through His contentment. Spending time with anything other than Him is being deprived of everything.

The reciter has to recite the name of al-Haqq with the utmost reverence and respect. If he does not keep this reverence and respect, a veil comes in between the reciter and al-Haqq. Preserving the adab (respectful divine manner) in the dhikr holds even more grace than the act of doing the dhikr.

A qull (servant) who recites the name of al-Haqq in the true sense forgets anything other than Him while he is in His dhikr. For him, all reward for everything becomes Allah. The whole wish of the arif (the wise man with marifat) is to recite His name. Waves of reverence and majesty arise from his heart. His tongue becomes tied, his heart flies toward the hills of communion. The rays of muhabbat and passion emerge from the veil of his heart. Furthermore, with the permission of Allah, the secrets hidden from other people, the subtleties of divine creation, the supremacy of divine power and light opens up for the arif.