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The Levels of Dhikr

The level of the dhikr varies according to the person who is doing the dhikr. Some people recite the name of Allah because they are blessed with the gift of Islam. Some recite His name because of the sunnah “example of Prophet (saws), what he did to during his life) and the tradition of Islam. And some recite His name because of their gratitude for their dhikr; such that their heart breaks into pieces, their tongue gets tied; their mind turns upside down. They are totally bewildered before His magnificence; they are in awe with His muhabbat. They know that everything exists through Him.

Dhikr has two kinds: the dhikr, which awakens ‘hashyet’ (fear born out of knowledge and respect) and the dhikr that awakens passion and muhabbat in the reciter. The dhikr, which awakens ‘hashyet’, is the dhikr of the man who recites Allah with his essence. He knows that he is reciting the name of Allah only because He is reciting his name. And he knows that he will always be able to recite His name only through His dhikr.

The other dhikr is the dhikr of the man whose name Allah has recited in the eternity where no beings, not even the world exists. That person understands that Allah recites his name since before time and until after time. Know that the servant’s remembrance of Allah is only possible through Allah remembering His qull. Just like the dust under the raindrops…