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Excerpts from His Books

The following passages are from the written records of the Sohbat (discourses) of Hz. Ahmed er- Rifai(ks). These specific Sohbat were delivered in the circle of his most devoted followers, and were collected in the book called ‘Khaled al-Ahl al-Haqiqah al-Allah’ (The States of the People of the Truth of Allah).

The Traits of the Sufis

A prominent trait of a sufi is, being purified from the dirt of the nafs, from the common people and from the disasters of the world in speech, in actions and in behavior. Click for more..

Sufism, tasawwuf, is a way of life.

Through this way of life, a deeper identity is discovered and comes into being. This deeper identity, beyond the already known personality, is in harmony with everything that exists in the universe. This deeper identity, or the essential self, has abilities of awareness, action, creativity and love that are far beyond the abilities of the superficial personality.

Hazrat Sayyid Ahmed er-Rifai (ks)